a bit about me:


At the helm of Affordable Marketing Solutions LLC for the past 13 years, I'm now seeking to do great things with mission-driven organizations where my work can be transformational. 

Are you a B-Corporation? A non-profit? A social enterprise? Do you want to change the world? Do something BIG? So do I and if you do too, please read on. 


Ever since I was eight years old and I asked my mother why those bags inside of cereal boxes weren't resealable like sandwich bags, I've had a knack for observing opportunities for new and better ways of doing things and then creating the solutions to address those things. And, I haven't stopped innovating since.                                        

With a diverse background in database, direct, and digital marketing I'm able to synthesize best-practices across a wide range of industries. My corporate career included titles such as Vice President Marketing and New Product Development, Director New Product Development, General Manager, and Product Manager working in the Financial Services and Travel industries, before evolving into a career in Higher Education and Consulting as Managing Director of Affordable Marketing Solutions LLC, my own small business consulting agency. And now, the Marketing Board Director for an arts organization. 

Along the way, I earned an MBA, won some awards, worked with hundreds of businesses, published a book, served on a couple of Boards of Directors, developed workshops, and built a long list of 'first-evers' and successes in myriad industries.  

According to my Clifton Strength's results, I'm a natural-born Conductor -- the orchestra leader who knows how to pull together teams and organizations. This skill has always come easily to me. I can build and lead teams and be part of them as well. I work well with a variety of technicians and specialists and have hired and managed myriad creative teams and agencies. 

As a Libra, I'm equally left- and right-brained so I'm able to move seamlessly from concept to completion. I've built and managed multi-million dollar marketing budgets and those tight small business budgets too.

Look around, have a peek at my presentations page, and if you like what you see and want to chat, please reach out anytime via email or phone me at (475) 999-4314.

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Let's do great things together and change the world.


Think Strategically, Act Precisely

I'm very passionate about Marketing and all of its components. Often mistaken for simply a logo or a website or a presence on social media platforms, it's so much more.

I've developed new products and membership programs that have shattered response rate records and enabled companies to better compete by opening up new markets. 

When done right, the beautiful symphony that is marketing is the perfect blend of messaging, branding, packaging, sales, pricing, and even customer service, along with a hefty dose of common sense. Here's one example of what I mean by common sense, and here's another.

Marketing is unlike most other business functions – there is the strategic and creative process, combined with specific business objectives, as well as an operations perspective to almost everything. Marketing does not exist in a vacuum and often has many tentacles. It is fluid, yet the process is structured.


Opportunities are everywhere

I have a history of many 'first evers' including negotiating with VISA USA to launch the first-ever co-branded credit card to have a corporate 800#.

Some of my favorites?


Consulting at an agency in LA to help them launch two innovative new Disney initiatives; Launching a pet product where I got to spend time in meetings with dogs, cats, snakes and more; I've created a bevy of first-ever courses for universities and colleges; Worked with Local Yellow Pages to create the first-ever 'Small Business Services' category; Participated on the launch team of the first-ever Star Trek co-branded credit card; Recreated and led a year-long Professional Development Workshop series for a university; I was recruited as the first-ever General Manager of a start-up division of a global travel company; As Faculty Advisor to the school newspaper, I worked with a team of design and editorial students to help them transition from a printed newspaper format to a digital platform; Created and launched the first-ever B2C product in a B2B environment; and a great source of pride for me is my work on a first-ever employee credit card that took 18 months from approval of idea to its launch, resulting in a 33% response rate and an Echo Award Nomination for the internal team and our ad agency.


Content and messaging are more important than ever

From authoring a book, writing articles, being a guest on podcast shows, and creating custom content for organizations, my communication skills are highly honed. And I'm an award-winning Communications Adjunct too. 

I'm skilled in website writing and local SEO and I'm a Certified Business Partner for Constant Contact. I have a working knowledge of the major social media and MarTech platforms including Bitly, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, WordPress, LinkTree, Wix and more. 

Time spent in database marketing gives me insight into the finer points of audience segmentation. That skill served me well when I created the first-ever strategic communications plan for students and alumni and then used it to implement a first-ever measurable weekly Job Alert. 

Never one to shy away from Public Speaking either, I've been teaching college courses for 18 years and have developed myriad workshops and training for HIgher Education, industry and non profits. And, I've had the honor of being a marketing speaker at many industry functions.

So, let's communicate and talk about all the great things we can do together. Email me or let's talk live at (475) 999-4314. 

You can read some of my work in my publication, Marketing Zen.

Can't wait to speak with you.

Let's talk about the great things we can do together

(475) 999-4314 or via email

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